The Q in QUEST

Jan 1, 1970

It is hard to believe that we are only on our third week of term and already we have seen our Dragons Rock-ing out in the music pods, our Drag-OMs building stregnth, stablity and calm in yoga, our Dragon Antlers learning how to look after their deer, and the Great Dragon Debate still continues! We had up to 45 activities on site last weekend, and that is excluding any off site QUESTs. 

The energy and enthusaism that can be felt on Saturday mornings is palpable and we are incredilby proud of our Dragons for jumping into QUEST with both feet and embracing these new skills and acitivites.

Tim Knapp talks more about the Q in QUEST;

Quiet & Question

Q is all about mental stimulation, whether it be intellectual or mindful. With a dual focus of cognitive development and peaceful reflection, the QUESTs vary from classroom-based study to meditation, all intended to enrich and relax enquiring minds. To highlight just a few of the QUESTs available in Module 1, Dragons have the opportunity to study ancient civilisation (Classical), discover niche languages (Linguistic) and develop literary flair (Writers). Each week, our Cultured Dragons explore the sights and delights of Oxford, learning about its illustrious history and standing as a world-renowned city of academia and culture. There is also the chance to reflect and find some inner peace through Drag-Om Yoga, with mental wellbeing and relaxation so important in balancing the busy workloads of our young Dragons. Whether it is mental excitement or escapism that is required, Quiet and Question has an option for everyone.



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