A creative

Dragons are academically rigorous, creative, independent and ambitious free-thinkers. We inspire and encourage our pupils to reach for the sun in their learning and strive for excellent academic outcomes and experiences through a rich and progressive curriculum.


Stimulating curiosity

Learning at the Dragon is built on a rock-solid foundation of English, Maths and Science, expanded and enhanced by embracing the humanities, modern and classical languages, computer programming, drama, music and much more.

All Dragons learn Latin as well as coding, and it’s exactly this kind of ambition and variety that allows our young people to find their passions, to make connections and to explore ideas more deeply, and more creatively.

Throughout the Prep school, Dragons are guided by our Learning Habits of DRACO (‘Dragon’ in Latin): Diligence, Resilience, Ambition, Collaboration and Organisation. Across every area of the curriculum, children are encouraged to give their best, embrace mistakes and grow their curiosity for all things academic.  

We have a large Learning Support and EAL (English as an Additional Language) team who work with our Dragons who need some additional support, as well as a wide-ranging programme (curricular and co-curricular) of academic extension and enrichment, culminating in two classes of potential ​scholars in Years 7 & 8.

Learning to life

In E Block (Y4), Dragons are taught in mixed groups by their class teachers with separate classes and subject specialists for Science, Maths & French.

From Year 5 upwards, all teaching is led by passionate subject specialists in streamed groups to ensure children have the appropriate level of support and challenge.

In the Lower & Middle School (Y4-6), we support children in preparing for senior school entry tests, including the ISEB Pre-Test, with our timetabled Reasoning lessons as well as targeted activities.



William Dickson

Deputy Head Academic

“Our curriculum is designed to inspire, motivate and challenge, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to succeed in their education. We value the journey over the destination and recognise that the best learning takes place in a stimulating and secure learning environment, where curiosity and enquiry are at the heart of the process.”

Special Needs Education and Learning Support

Children with special educational needs are supported by all teachers, through exceptional teaching and pastoral care. Where a child is identified as benefitting from additional provision, targeted support is implemented through small group interventions or expert one-to-one provision delivered by highly qualified specialist teachers or professionals, such as a Speech and Language Therapist, Clinical Psychologist, School Counsellor, or Occupational Therapist. Reasonable adjustments are made to ensure children can thrive at the school and children are at the heart of decision-making at all times.

The Learning Support team is located in the centre of the school and works closely with all colleagues in partnership with families. The Head of Learning Support coordinates the support within the boarding community alongside the Pastoral Deputy Head. Learning Support is celebrated within the school. Children of all ages and profiles can access the support of the team.



Josie Evans

Head of Learning Support

“One of the key Dragon aims moving forward, is to be a community where every Dragon and their family feels included, diversity in every respect is celebrated and equality is championed”.

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