Our Future Schools’ department takes a child-focused, collaborative approach to placing young Dragons into their chosen senior schools and we have strong, long-established relationships with a wide selection of schools nationwide. We recognise that children have differing strengths, and therefore working with parents to ensure a child is placed in the correct senior school makes for a smooth transition to a school in which they will thrive and enjoy success.

Along with the Headmaster and Deputies, the Future Schools team works closely with Tutors to monitor the progress of children and advise families on suitable schools.

The journey begins in Year 4 where the pupils benefit from Reasoning lessons, and these continue as part of their timetabled lessons until the end of Year 6. As the children move through the School, pre-test Preparation sessions are run during Activity and Club time, in advance of the ISEB Common Pre-Test and other school-specific pre-tests.

To prepare for interviews, we have engaged with an external company to run an interview practice session for all Year 6 children. This is followed up with further practice with Tutors and other senior members of staff prior to any interview at a senior school.

Typically our leavers progress to over thirty senior schools after sitting their respective School, Common Entrance or Scholarship exams which is evidence of our bespoke approach.

It is our main focus to ensure that the child will be comfortable with the environment and academic demands of their senior school.
Therese Luke, Head of Pre-Test Preparation and Reasoning

Scholarships and Exhibitions to Senior Schools 2020

Each year, young Dragons achieve many impressive awards from their senior schools.

Abingdon SchoolHeadington SchoolSt Edward's School
Bloxham SchoolMagdalen College SchoolThe Cheltenham Ladies' College
Eton College (King's)Oxford High SchoolWinchester College
Magdalen College SchoolSt Edward's SchoolFettes College
Oundle SchoolStowe School
Cheltenham CollegeHeadington SchoolSt Edward's School
Cokethorpe SchoolMagdalen College SchoolThe Cheltenham Ladies' College
D’Overbroeck'sOxford High SchoolTudar Hall School
Art and Design
Tudor Hall School
Design & Technology
Marlborough CollegeSt Edward’s School
Bloxham SchoolHeadington SchoolSt Edward's School
Harrow SchoolMalvern College
Clifton CollegeMagdalen College SchoolRugby School
Harrow SchoolMarlborough CollegeSt Edward’s School
Magdalen College SchoolStowe SchoolSt Edward’s School
Radley College
Throughout our son’s time at the Dragon, he has enjoyed school immensely and has really benefited from the wide variety of experiences and opportunities available. School has been a pleasure for him and he is very proud to be a Dragon. We are delighted that August has received a scholarship to Winchester College and are very grateful to the teachers and staff who have supported and inspired him during his time at the Dragon.
Joanna Keddell, Year 8 Parent 2020