Let the
Adventure Begin

Our Pre-Prep classrooms are alive with bustle, excitement and the purposeful chatter that goes hand-in-hand with active learning. 

Come and discover what our smallest Dragons get up to; they’ll be thrilled to tell you about their adventures here at the Pre-Prep.

 Kindness, Courage and Respect 

We celebrate our Dragons’ differences, whether they are playful or thoughtful, sensitive or loud, expressive or analytical.

That’s why we instill our three key values – Kindness, Courage and Respect – from Day One, so that every member of the Dragon community feels valued and nurtured. 

For us, Kindness, Courage and Respect represent a powerful fusion; a humanitarian gold standard. With these as their foundation, children are able to develop the social and emotional intelligence needed to support each other in living bold and brave lives. They are tools to build meaningful connections and valuable friendships; friendships where children can air problems and find solutions – together. 



Annie McNeile

Pre-Prep children are naturally curious and creative, and we fully embrace these wonderful characteristics. Our earliest school days set the tone for what’s to come, and so we underpin all learning with a number of key messages: to be brave; to try new things; to challenge; to take risks, and that mistakes are an opportunity to learn even more. Every day offers up another new experience, and another chance to reach for the sun.  

We know we’ve succeeded when we see our youngest learners skip through the gates each morning ready to approach learning like an adventure, and when our Old Dragons share treasured memories of their Pre-Prep days. Watch our Pre-Prep film below to see our young Dragons in action. 

Our Space

We might be a city school, but we have lots of space and facilities specifically designed for Pre-Prep children. We have four different playgrounds that challenge and encourage physical development and enjoyment of the outdoors, all in different ways.

Our art room is awash with colour and creativity, the computer room allows our youngest Dragons to learn computer-based skills, and the library is a calm and inclusive space. Our sound-proofed music pods allow for musical expression, and our gym is a brilliant multipurpose space. Catering at the Dragon is second to none; the children will vouch for this themselves!

We also use St. Edward’s for sport and Muddy Dragons, and the Prep swimming pool and Lynam Hall.

Dragon in numbers

Children at the Pre-Prep

The Dragon Pre-Prep is located in the heart of Summertown nestled among residential houses. The site specifically caters to our Reception to Year 3 Dragons and its small size feels safe and allows their confidence to grow. 

Music lessons per term

Children at the Pre-Prep can enjoy a wide variety of instruments; from the viola, violin, guitar, harp, trumpet or cornet to the saxophone, French horn or clarinet, we’re here to help unlock musical passion.

Trips and workshops per year

We love to take learning outside the classroom to museums, outward bound centres, castles and active learning centres. The outside world also comes to us in the form of workshops to help the children become immersed in the topic they are investigating.


Identifying title 1

“She just seems full of joy and happiness at school, which is all I could ever want.” 

Current Pre-Prep parent

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When it comes to education, one size doesn’t fit all. Finding the right school is a highly personal, two-way process and our Admissions team are on hand to answer any questions you have.

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Dragon Pre-Prep Houses

The aim of the House groups is to encourage teamwork across the age ranges with elements of competition thrown in such as the awarding of House points for showing the Dragon Values and sports day. Children in Year 3 can gain leadership opportunities as House Captains who work with the House staff to arrange events over the year.