Boarding is at the heart of our thriving Dragon community and with a wide range of boarding options available,  there’s something to suit every family. Our boarders are drawn from local, national and international backgrounds and they live with dedicated Houseparents in one of our ten family-style boarding houses.

The benefits of boarding at Prep School are well recognised as children gain a sense of independence and personal responsibility. They learn organisational and social skills, partake in many extra-curricular activities and, through this experience, develop strong friendships for life. Prep school boarding is also an extremely valuable experience for any child who may be considering boarding at their senior school and the time saved in commuting provides the opportunity for further academic, creative or sporting pursuits.

Click on the link below to enjoy a film in which Houseparents and boarders explain what makes boarding at the Dragon so special.

She made incredible friends, lifelong bonds and learnt empathy, sympathy and the ability to compromise.
Imogen, Current Boarding Parent

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