Our emotional health programme recognises that learning is inhibited when children feel demoralised. Learning is at its best when children are enjoying what they are learning and feel comfortable, curious, happy and relaxed. The pastoral values of the Dragon CIRCLE and the School values are an integral part of the staff training, focussing on building healthy relationships within the School. There are also Parent groups, which are led by trained staff, so that there is a consistency in the community’s approach to the emotional health of the children.

The School values of Kindness, Courage and Respect alongside our Pastoral values of the Dragon CIRCLE are at the centre of the social and emotional development of our youngest Dragons. Many aspects are investigated in our weekly PSHEE sessions with these complemented by the Assembly programme, visiting speakers, our Changemakers committee and Circle Time.

Pastoral Values

The Dragon CIRCLE represents the pastoral values shared throughout the Dragon community.

Dragon Code of Conduct

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Induction of New Pupils

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