Our Pastoral Approach

At the Dragon, we recognise that learning is at its best when children are happy and relaxed. Our pastoral care is not merely a complementary practice, but is inextricably linked with teaching and learning and the structural organisation of the School, promoting pupils’ personal and social development and embedding positive attitudes. This is done through the quality of teaching, the healthy working relationships amongst pupils and teachers and the careful monitoring of pupils’ overall progress (academic, personal and social).

Pastoral Aims

  • To support a learning community where each child can realise their talents and strengths.
  • To encourage each child to grow up to be responsible, active members of their community.
  • To embrace the individuality of each person and encourage others to celebrate differences.
  • To help develop a child’s independence by providing knowledge and skills, helping them to become more robust and resilient.
  • To create a community where tolerance and understanding is encouraged and where equal opportunities regardless of ability, religion, race, culture and gender are provided.
  • To develop in every child the confidence and self-belief that they can ‘reach for the sun’.

Social and Emotional

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