From coding to cooking and everything imaginable in between

More than 70 clubs run over the course of an average week, and for children with a particular passion, there are endless opportunities for extra sports practice, drama rehearsals or to play in a music ensemble.  

Spectrum (a weekly internal talk delivered by internal and external specialists for parents and children) welcomes people from all walks of life to inspire our school community. Live from the Lynam Hall every Friday evening, we invite a speaker to talk about their passion: perhaps their thrilling career, their travels or their charity work. Recordings are available to Dragon families so that children can listen and enjoy again and again.

The value of our extra-curricular activities is such that we’ve also developed opportunities to explore them during the school day. Yoga and art help our young people become more mindful and emotionally balanced, while current affairs and debating activities support their preparation for future schools. 

There are so many ways students’ education can be enriched by exploring beyond the narrow bounds of a conventional curriculum, and we’re committed to exploring as many as possible. 

An introduction to Director of Clubs and Activities

Adam James

After School Clubs play a key part in making a Dragon education so special. Concert Band to Cooking, Judo to Japanese, Design Technology and Sculling. There is so much to enjoy, so many opportunities to grow and develop.”


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