Muddy Dragons

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‘Muddy Dragons’ is the name we have given to the Forest School programme in Reception.

This was a real highlight for our youngest Dragons’ after the return from lockdown. Muddy Dragons provides a regular opportunity for the Reception children to explore the outdoors and learn about nature. It was lovely to see them in their wellies ready for the trip to the woods and the excitement was palpable.

The boys and girls enjoyed collecting sticks, finding worms, identifying leaves and having fun on the rope swing and hammock. Forest School is a wonderful way for children to develop holistically: they gain in confidence, work as a team, problem solve and take risks in a safe, supported environment.

What better end to this session than a cup of hot chocolate with friends?! The Muddy Dragons will learn about the seasons as they see the natural environment change over the year and we look forward to sharing their adventures as we head out of Spring and into Summer…