Colleague Traffic Survey

Dear Colleagues,

You will be aware of Oxford City Council’s ongoing consultation into traffic control measures in and around the city. We are very keen that the views of the School community are reflected in the Dragon’s response to the consultation, and therefore offer you the opportunity to complete the following survey.

We would be grateful if you could complete the survey by 5 pm on Thursday 22 September.

A zoomable map of the traffic filter locations (below) is available here: Map of traffic filter locations

Traffic Consultation Colleagues
What form of transport do you currently use to get to School?
Does your current route take you through the roads that are due to be affected by traffic filters?
On which of the 6 affected roads due you normally travel? (see above map)
Which of the following adjustments will you make to your travel arrangements as a result of the filters?
Are you a Dragon Parent?
If the School was able to provide a transport service to the Prep and Pre-Prep, is this something that you would consider?

All submissions are anonymous.

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