A Walk Down Dragon Lane …

Dec 12, 2022

This term, we took a (virtual) stroll down Dragon Lane with the Gadney family. The first generation of the Gadneys to attend the Dragon, in 1909, was Cyril Gadney (OD 1919). Following in his Bardwell Road footsteps were Cyril’s brother Bernard Gadney (OD 1923), and nephews Reg Gadney (OD 1954), George Gadney (OD 1963), and Guy Gadney (OD 1982). His Dragon family connection continues today with Bernard’s great-grandchildren, Toby (OD 2022) a recent A Block leaver, and Elliot (OD 2024) a current Dragon.


My time at the Dragon School in three words

George: A magical place.
Guy: Corduroy, roller-skates, independence.
Toby: Lots of fun.
Elliot: Interesting, fun, stressful.

When I was a young Dragon, I wanted to be

George: I don’t recall the feeling whilst at Dragons but soon afterward began to favour being a barrister. Perhaps the Balloon Debates made more impression than I thought.
Guy: Air Force pilot.
Toby: Still undecided.
Elliot: Rugby player or chef.

The superpower I wish I had

George: Powerful and versatile eyesight.
Guy: Time travel, it’s the one that beats all others.
Toby: Flying. It would be cool.
Elliot: Time travel.

Eggy or marble runs?

George: Marbles. Making teams of colours and families of different sizes.
Guy: Marble runs.
Toby: Eggy all the way.
Elliot: Eggy!

My inspiration growing up

George: Difficult to single out one in particular but near enough the whole staff were wonderful.
Guy: Roald Dahl.
Toby: My parents.
Elliot: Elliot Daly.

At the top of my bucket list

George: To see birds of paradise in Papua New Guinea.
Guy: Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia.
Toby: Ha Long, Vietnam.
Elliot: Playing for England’s Rugby team.

My most memorable moment at the Dragon

George: Lying in bed (on top floor of Stradlings) one sunny morning and looking at the upper part of an oak tree and seeing a lesser spotted woodpecker. Never seen one since!
Guy: The river performance of Wind in the Willows.
Toby: Getting a “Well Done” from Mr S-C.
Elliot: (So far) Mr Knapp agreeing with me that Moulsford are biased.

My biggest achievement

George: Reviving the offence of Common Law Fraud in the Island of Jersey, so serving to protect their Finance Industry.
Guy: Haven’t done it yet.
Toby: Haven’t done it yet.
Elliot: Haven’t done it yet.

The advice I would give to my younger self

George: Keep and develop your sense of humour. You will need it.
Guy: Waley-Cohen (OD 1982) wins the National in 2022.
Toby: Invest in bitcoin.
Elliot: Invest in bitcoin.

In one sentence, what does it mean to be a Dragon?

George: Being a beneficiary of the magnificent institution which is the Dragon School.
Guy: Be an independent thinker.
Toby: Never give up.
Elliot: Be a competitive sports player.

Since my Dragon days …

George: From Dragons to Eton, a year off in New Zealand, then Magdalene, Cambridge. Then in 1974 called to the Bar of England and Wales where I was in practice for about 30 years. “Retired” to be Secretary of Aldeburgh Golf Club where I had been a member since 1963 (I think). At Eton, Magdalene and the Bar I was in the shadow of Iain Milligan K.C. with whom I was a contemporary at Dragons.
Guy: Many friendships forged at the school continue to this day.
Toby: I have just left and started at Abingdon.
Elliot: I’m still here!



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