Bun Break With … Mr Phelps

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Welcome to this term’s episode of ‘Bun Break With …’, the Podcast where young Dragons put their questions to a member of the Dragon community.


In this episode, B Block pupils, Henry and Nate, share their Bun Break with Ed Phelps (OD 1978), part of the Dragon community since his own Dragon days in 1972. From sharing memories of his time at the School as both a pupil and Deputy Head to looking ahead to his new role as Dragon Dean, Ed answers the questions of young Dragons today …

Listen to their interview below:
Episode 8: Bun Break With ... Mr Phelps Henry and Nate, B Block
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This recording took place in Science Lab F in the Summer Term.

I think all Dragons, above all else, they have to have a sense of purpose.
Ed Phelps (OD 1978), Deputy Head