Bun Break With … Ma Goldsmith

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Welcome to a special episode of ‘Bun Break With …’, the Podcast where a family of Dragons put their questions to a soon-to-be member of the Dragon community.


In this special episode, the Kingsburys, a family made up of ODs, current parents and young Dragons, share their Bun Break with Emma Goldsmith, joining the Dragon as Head in September. From what she believes makes a happy school, to her desert island luxury item, Ma Goldsmith answers the questions of a Dragon family today …

Listen to their interview below:
Episode 5: Bun Break With ... Ma Goldsmith The Kingsbury Family
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This recording took place in the Drawing Room in the Summer Term, with appropriate social distancing measures in place.

I think if people feel that they are valued, that they are listened to, and they feel part of the community, then it's a happy school.
Emma Goldsmith, Head of the Dragon from September 2021