Year 4 at the Dragon is known as E Block and is the first year of the Dragon Prep School. Children who have been at Dragon Pre-Prep are joined by new classmates and the year group have their own base across the road from the main Prep site. They enjoy a newly refurbished playground for relaxing and playing at break time. Children can start full boarding in Year 4 and many day pupils (and their parents!) enjoy the fact that they can spend nights in a Junior Boarding House as a day or flexi boarder. On Saturday mornings, Year 4 pupils can choose from a range of exciting modules in the curricular enrichment programme – Dragon QUEST.

Form takers teach their own forms for English and Humanities and other specialist lessons, such as French, Maths and Reasoning, are also taught in the E block classrooms. However, the children also have access to the wonderful facilities at Bardwell Road with Science lessons in one of the six labs, Swimming in the pool, Games and fixtures on the field and astro, Programming in the ICT suite and D&T and Art in the studios.

Each half term has a different theme – Space, The Romans, the History of Dragon School, the Victorians and the World Around Us are recent examples. The children go on day trips to locations such as the Chiltern Open Air Museum and visiting experts run workshops. All Year 4 children are given the opportunity to represent their School in sports fixtures, they all sing in a choir, many learn one or two instruments and a real highlight is when the children go off timetable to produce ‘A Play in Two Days’. Future Schools conversations are started as early as Year 4 in order that parents and children can start to think about which senior school to aim for. Fortunately, they still have five more exciting years at The Dragon to enjoy before that!