Current parents can find details of drop-off and pick-up timings and locations in the Parent Portal.

Christmas Term 2021

Boarders return:Monday 6 September
Term begins:Tuesday 7 September
Exeat:Friday 24 September to evening of Sunday 26 September
Half-Term:Friday 15 October to evening of 31 October
Exeat:Friday 19 November to evening of Sunday 21 November
Term Ends:Saturday 11 December (with the Dragon Sale)

Easter Term 2022

Boarders return:Wednesday 5 January
Term begins:Thursday 6 January
Exeat:Friday 28th January to the evening of Sunday 30th January
Half-Term:Friday 11 February to evening of Sunday 20 February
Exeat:Friday 11 March to evening of Sunday 13 March
Term Ends:25 March (lunchtime)

Summer Term 2022

Boarders return:Wednesday 20 April
Term begins:Thursday 21 April
Exeat:Friday 29 April to evening of Monday 2 May (including May Bank Holiday)
Half-Term:Friday 27 May to evening of Sunday 5 June
(including the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee extended bank holiday)
Exeat:Friday 17 June to evening of Sunday 19 June
Pre-Prep Term Ends:Friday 1 July at 3pm
Term Ends:Saturday 2 July (after Sports Day)