Term Dates 2022-23

We try and publish all term days with sufficient lead in times so that families do not need to take holidays during term times. We would be very grateful if you could work within these dates to prevent your children missing school for planned holidays. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Spring Term 2023

Boarders return:Wednesday 11 January (evening)
Term begins:Thursday 12 January
Exeat:Friday 27 January (lunchtime) to evening of Sunday 29 January
Half-Term:Friday 10 February (lunchtime) to evening of Sunday 19 February
Exeat:Friday 10 March (lunchtime) to evening of Sunday 12 March
Term Ends:Wednesday 29 March (lunchtime)

Summer Term 2023

Boarders return:Wednesday 19 April (evening)
Term begins:Thursday 20 April
Exeat:Friday 28 April (between 3.10 - 4.20pm) to evening of Monday 1 May (including
May Bank Holiday)
Coronation ExeatFriday 5 May (between 3 - 4.30pm) to evening of Monday 8 May
Half-Term:Friday 26 May (lunchtime) to evening of Sunday 4 June
Exeat:Friday 16 June (lunchtime) to evening of Sunday 18 June
Pre-Prep Term Ends:Friday 7 July at 3pm
Term Ends:Saturday 8 July (after Sports Day)

Term Dates 2023-24

Autumn Term 2023

Boarders return:Wednesday 6 September
Term begins:Thursday 7 September
Exeat:Friday 29 September (lunchtime) to evening of Sunday 1 October
Half-Term:Friday 20 October (lunchtime) to evening of Sunday 5 November
Exeat:Friday 24 November (lunchtime) to evening of Sunday 26 November
Term ends:Saturday 16 December
Dragon Sale:Saturday 16 December (morning) for all Dragon families

Spring Term 2024

Boarders return:Wednesday 10 January (evening)
Term begins:Thursday 11 January
Exeat:Friday 26 January (lunchtime) to evening of Sunday 28 January
Half-Term:Friday 9 February (lunchtime) to evening of Sunday 18 February
Exeat:Friday 8 March (lunchtime) to evening of Sunday 10 March
Term Ends:Friday 22 March

Summer Term 2024

Boarders return:Wednesday 17 April (evening)
Term begins:Thursday 18 April
Exeat:Friday 3 May to evening of Monday 6 May (including
May Bank Holiday)
Half-Term:Friday 24 May (lunchtime) to evening of Sunday 2 June (including Spring Bank Holiday
Exeat:Friday 14 June (lunchtime) to evening of Sunday 16 June
Term Ends:Saturday 6 July (after Sports Day)