Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Office is based in the centre of the school and is there to support teaching and learning by promoting wellbeing and working with staff, children, families and other agencies. A high quality of Pastoral Care is central to our ethos at the Dragon; it underpins everything that we do and along with a high quality of teaching and learning, it is what our community is all about. The Dragon follows the Family Links Nurturing Programme which brings a carefully researched structure to our social and emotional learning. There are also weekly team meetings that include the Director of Safeguarding, Deputy Head (Social and Emotional Learning), the Pastoral Support Co-ordinator and the School Counsellor, which helps to ensure consistency in working together.

Working with families can help to unravel any difficulties and allow us to work together in the best interest of the child.

The pastoral needs of the pupils and their families are particularly well supported through the skilled and compassionate pastoral care team who ensure that information about welfare needs is sensitively communicated. Frequent meetings between different levels of management ensure that communication across the school is efficient.

ISI Integrated Inspection, November 2014

Our Pastoral aims include:

  • being a school where the well-being of everyone is the prime concern of each member of our community
  • supporting a learning community in which children, young people and adults can realize their full potential
  • providing a safe, stimulating and enriching environment where everyone is able to enjoy his/her best possible health and well-being
  • encouraging pupils to grow up to be responsible, active members of their community
  • promoting emotional intelligence
  • promoting regular attendance and good behaviour as pre-conditions for maintaining high standards of achievement
  • each child being encouraged to develop his/her own individuality whilst learning also that personal freedom involves responsibility to others
  • promoting a values-based PSHCE curriculum which helps to give a firm moral basis in these times when so many attitudes, beliefs and ethics are questioned daily
  • providing a family environment in our Boarding Houses, in which pupils can feel comfortable, safe and supported
  • providing equal opportunities for all pupils regardless of ability, religion, race, culture or gender
  • encouraging tolerance and understanding between all members of our community
  • a clear understanding that effort, kindness and good manners will be valued
  • developing an understanding of being responsible for oneself
  • fostering the kind of community where everyone helps each other and looks after our environment

It is not possible for any written text to reflect the quality of life in a particular school. Many visitors comment on the friendliness of people at the Dragon and on the relaxed and yet purposeful relationships which exist between staff and pupils. We aim to have equipped the Dragons leaving us at 13 with self-confidence, the ability to problem-solve, an awareness of their own feelings and those of others, and enough self-control and self-discipline to manage effectively the often turbulent years of adolescence and life after school.

At Dragon Pre-Prep we strive to make every child feel happy, secure, valued and confident. Children are encouraged to think for themselves and develop self-control, independence and a sense of achievement through their learning.
Dragon Code of Conduct
To Uphold at all Times the Dragon Values:


Listen Carefully
Be polite
Take turns
Treat others as you would like to be treated
Follow instructions
Be punctual
Be organised
Take pride in your, and the School's appearance
- Dress code
- Behaviour in and out of School
Respect your School and teachers
Respect other people's views, feelings and belongings
Work hard in all aspects of School life – Reach for the Sun
We run Family Links parenting groups twice a year. The material used in these 10 week courses ties in with the Circle Time sessions which the children are taking part in each week in school. We have several members of staff who are trained Parent Group Leaders and we offer one 10 week course in the mornings and one 10 week course in the evenings each year.
Parent Workshops
We hold workshop evenings and discussion evenings for different year groups each year during which we hope to communicate more about our approach to a range of issues so that we can all work together to ensure that the home, school, child triangle is working well.