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Virtual Holistic Curriculum

Jun 15, 2020

The pandemic of Spring/Summer 2020 presented an unprecedented challenge – how to educate children remotely in a manner which could keep them engaged and connected. We are very proud of the creation and evolution of the Dragon’s exciting Virtual Holistic Curriculum which combines core academic work, wider curriculum opportunities, enrichment activities and daily contact between teachers and pupils with the wellbeing of each child at its heart.

“The Dragon has done a great job in switching to online learning. The morning form time sessions have been particularly important in helping my child continue to feel connected to school.”

We have made use of a range of online platforms, aiming to make our provision as accessible and interactive as possible for all our young Dragons. The Headmaster’s virtual assemblies have also helped to retain the cohesion of our Dragon community around the world. Class Teachers interact with their forms through online video ‘check-in’ sessions, as well as during lessons. The social and emotional wellbeing of all pupils benefits from online ‘Tutor times’ as well as our Personal Social Health Economic and Emotional learning programme.

“The staff have been unfailingly helpful & supportive.”

Importantly, an electronic device is not needed for every task in our Virtual Holistic Curriculum and it has been wonderful to see parents and siblings getting actively involved in many of the optional projects and challenges.

We are delighted by the success of the VHC, however we look forward to the children returning to the Dragon School sites when it is safe to do so.

 “The Year 3 experience has been brilliant. The live lessons work really well, both in terms of learning and the emotional wellbeing/sense of still being part of the class etc. The teacher is very responsive and my child has felt his needs have been addressed as if in class.”

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