Our New Music and Performing Arts Centre

Jun 15, 2022

We are delighted to announce the build of our new Music and Performing Arts Centre will begin this summer. The state-of-the-art facility will promote the love of learning we foster in young Dragons and a lifelong appreciation of the arts.

It’s no secret to the Dragon community that, at the Dragon, the breadth and scale of our music and performing arts tuition is immense. A remarkable four out of five children — over 480 in total — play an instrument, and each week we deliver nearly 800 individual music lessons. With the vast range of instruments available, from the piano and harp to the bagpipes and drums, all of our pupils are encouraged to experiment until they find an instrument that suits them. Each term we deliver a packed programme of ensemble performances, concerts, and plays, and encourage all of our young Dragons to take part, regardless of their experiences or ability. Our dedicated and talented teaching staff support the children at every stage, developing their creative skills and self-confidence. Thanks to this teaching and guidance, many of our former pupils have continued to study and enjoy music throughout their lives, and a considerable number have gone on to become eminent musicians, actors, and performers around the world.

Our current music school was built in the 1960s and has served us well, but has now reached the end of its useful life with its limited capacity and inaccessible position on site. To ensure that we continue to deliver outstanding tuition in future years, our new purpose-built centre will be well-positioned, spacious and innovative.

“The positive impact and difference this build will make to our young Dragons, staff and community is off the scale. I am so excited for the future of music and performance at the Dragon.”
William Morris, Director of Music

The building will be linked to Lynam Hall and the Forum and has been designed with a range of purposes in mind, from individual rehearsal and performances to group workshops and masterclasses. Large windows throughout will mean the rehearsal studios, performance areas and practice rooms are all flooded with natural daylight. We are delighted that the design and construction of the new building are being overseen by MICA Architects.

This is such an exciting time for Performing Arts at Dragon. The new state-of-the-art centre will provide unique opportunities to harness and foster creativity, and will be a brilliant rehearsal space.”
Charlie Ponder, Head of Drama

In a busy and dynamic school environment, children benefit when they have access to quiet space. We’re so pleased to have incorporated into this exciting build, a south-facing, landscaped garden which will provide a calm and picturesque location for the children to relax in. Featuring an amphitheatre seating and an adjacent foyer, the garden will also be used for creative performances in a unique outdoor setting. The garden will also provide us with an ideal venue to host Dragon community events, from Old Dragon reunions and social impact activities to social gatherings for current families.

Unlike many other established boarding schools, the Dragon does not benefit from substantial reserves or an endowment, and so to fund the construction of the Music and Performing Arts Centre, we are seeking the support and generosity of our community of parents, Old Dragons, governors, and friends. To find out more about this exciting build, or to discuss personal giving opportunities, please contact Saira Uppal, Director of Development and External Relations on +44 (0)1865 315 415.

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