Investing in the Future

Nov 30, 2020

Lucius Cary OBE (OD 1960) has a degree in Engineering and Economics from Oxford University, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and went on to be an Engineering Apprentice at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell. Lucius wanted to start a business, and with less than zero pounds to contribute, and his student loan in tow, he chose to open a restaurant due to the small amount of money required to get it going. Lucius raised money from investors and discovered first-hand just how hard it is. However, in 1972, Lucius opened his first restaurant, Cary’s, in Bristol. From cooking to waiting tables, Lucius did it all, and by 1978 there were three restaurants and 50 employees.

Following the success of his restaurant chain, and the difficulties experienced in raising money for his own business, Lucius started Venture Capital Report, with the aim to try to make it easier for people like him, trying to raise money to found businesses. Through his work with Venture Capital Report, he discovered scientists seeking money to start a business found it almost impossible to raise any capital at all, and so in 1983 he founded his third business, Oxford Technology Management (OTM), and hasn’t looked back. In 2003, Lucius was awarded an OBE for services to business.

Now, with over 30 years’ specialised experience in science and engineering start-ups near Oxford, Lucius and OTM has invested in over 150 innovative companies. He spoke to us about the journey his career has taken, investing in technology start-ups today, and the brilliant scientists he meets along the way …

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