Learnings from Five Olympic Games

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Four-times World Champion Frances Houghton MBE (OD 1993) has won three Olympic medals and competed at a record fifth Games in Rio. She is the longest serving member of the GB Rowing Team, and along with former sculling partner Katherine Grainger, became the first British female rower to compete at five Olympic Games. Frances learnt to row during her time at the Dragon, and spoke to us ahead of the launch of her book ‘Learnings From Five Olympic Games’ …

This year you celebrated 20 years since first becoming a member of the GB Rowing Team, having joined the junior ranks in 1995. You learnt to row at the Dragon, what are your earliest memories of the sport?

What does the ‘average’ week for an Olympic athlete in training look like?

How does that change in the week before an Olympic Games?

What is the most memorable moment of your career?

When it came to writing your learnings down, did they surprise you?

Which learning do you consider to have been the most valuable?

What is your book, 'Learnings from Five Olympic Games', about?

What made you put pen to paper?

Learnings From Five Olympic Games is self-published, was this a route you deliberately chose to take?

When looking back at your career, what are you most proud of?

This year has been less than usual, with our lives having to adjust to a 'new normal'. How has the coronavirus pandemic affected your lifestyle?

A Spanish graduate, a professional chef, three times Olympic medal winner, two times world record holder, and now a book all about it. What's next?

With your professional chef's hat on, what would make up the menu for your perfect Dragon School dinner?

What would you tell a young Dragon?

L5OGs is available direct from Frances at www.franceshoughton.co.uk