The QUEST Continues…

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Dragon QUEST has truly transformed Saturday mornings at the Dragon as children engage in a wide variety of exciting activities to expand their horizons.

Dragon QUEST  is now in the seventh month since its inception, with nearly 85% of Years 4 & 5 taking part in the optional Saturday morning enrichment curriculum. The first sessions of QUEST Module 3 were experienced remotely due to the national lockdown – from Mindful Dragons doing yoga in their own living rooms to Scavenger Dragons, which brought a new lens for Dragons to explore their surroundings. We also had Quizzical Dragons and Culinary Dragons where boys and girls took over their home kitchens to whisk up some wonderful bakes for their parents to taste.

From 8 March, Dragon QUEST has been back on site with the ever-enthusiastic Dragons together again. New activities like Fire-Breathing Dragons (firing up Japanese pottery in the kiln), Magical Dragons and The Great Dragon Debate are all run by teachers who are keen to share their passions. There is an activity for all – for those who want to try something entirely new or perhaps  sign up to an activity that their friend experienced previously – the structure of the morning allows all Dragons to go beyond their comfort zone.

Next term will see the return of full morning Conquest activities – exploring Oxford through Cultured Dragons, Dragon Farm visits, Paddle Boarding Dragons and more.