Academic Enrichment Talks

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Disco (which means ‘I learn’ in Latin) is an academic enrichment programme which has been helping to broaden pupils’ minds and inspire their intellectual curiosity during lockdown.

Disco is a series of lectures, talks and interactive forums on interesting, thought-provoking and academically enriching topics delivered by Dragon staff and other experts. These are aimed primarily at Upper School pupils not only as preparation for Common Entrance examinations but also to encourage them to deepen their knowledge of a wide range of subjects and promote a love of learning.

So far this term, young Dragons have explored Lateral Thinking, Architecture over time and the Renaissance. Though optional, there has been excellent attendance (over 100 children on Zoom) with many questions making for highly interactive sessions.

Over the next few weeks a diverse range of topics will be covered such as ‘Ancient Greek Theatre’ and ‘The Olympic Games – A reflection on Global Politics’.