Dragons can be found far and wide, with many going on to transform the world for the better, contributing positive change and innovation. We are bold in our lookout, developing curious minds, a sense of purpose, quiet confidence, and determination.

The lifelong love of learning that we instil in our children is still evident in the ODs we see today, and we’re proud to lead thought-provoking discussions on important topics of the day within our wider community. Each year the Dragon invites eminent members of our community to lead discussions and ask important questions about key topics affecting today’s society.

Arduus ad Solem, Reach for the Sun, is an opportunity for our whole community to join in these discussions and debates around various themes from Sustainability to Artificial Intelligence through to Education. These sessions encourage balanced conversations around social, economic and political issues, with the aim of providing insight and understanding in what we can do to make a positive impact to the world around us.

Arduus ad Solem 2021 -2022 | Climate Change

With the UK is hosting COP26, it seems particularly fitting that our chosen topic for this year will be Climate Change. Our first event in the series, Climate Change: How can Dragons help solve it? welcomed an expert panel to discuss the complexities around solving climate change. This was followed by our second event in the series, Sustainable Finance: Investing in Solutions to Climate Change which welcomed experts from within the Dragon community to discuss who and what is involved in sustainable finance, and what issues it raises for broader investment practitioners.

So far, we have welcomed over 150 current parents and children, ODs and Dragon colleagues to the series, and have been delighted to offer an insight into the ways we can all achieve a more sustainable society.

Arduus ad Solem Session 3 | Sustainable Fashion & Retail

Our third and final event in the Arduus ad Solem series will focus on sustainable fashion and retail and will be taking place on Thursday, 19th May from 6.30 pm via Zoom Webinar.

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If you are interested in speaking at a future session, contributing a suggested topic, or want to find out more please contact Lucy in the Development Office.

By far the most illuminating and informed discussion I've heard on Climate Change.
Attendee, Arduus Ad Solem Session 1