Middle School is based in the wonderfully spacious. light and airy Forum with D Block (Year 5) in the downstairs classrooms and C Block (Year 6) upstairs. There is a nurturing, family feel with form tutors as a main pastoral contact but this stage also marks a step up in terms of independence. Each child has an individual timetable with many lessons in specialist rooms and with a range of different children. They are in their mixed ability form for many subjects but academic banding starts to be put in place for Maths, Science, English, French and Latin to ensure that each child receives the stretch or support they require. The Future Schools department work closely with families to advise on choice of senior school and help them to prepare for pre-tests and interviews as required.

Boys and girls are heavily involved in Music, Drama and Sport (with all children given the opportunity to represent the School in fixtures). They enjoy the exciting variety on offer in Dragon QUEST enrichment programme on Saturdays. Many day pupils will try flexi boarding either on fixed nights each week or for ad-hoc stays and they love the opportunity to have a sleepover with their friends and get to know the Boarding Houses and Houseparents.

Highlights for C Block (Year 6) are their ‘Swim the Channel’ charity event and the residential trip to France and D Block have their very own Fayre. Middle School is a crucial stage for Future Schools preparation as future plans start to crystallise.