Reception boys and girls are the youngest Dragons and our nurturing staff ensure that they feel welcome and quickly get used to their School routine and surroundings. Each classroom is home to a maximum of 16 pupils and is designed to be lively and inviting, with a wide range of stimulating activities to promote a spirit of curiosity. Along with construction kits and small world play, there is constant access to a role play area, a play tray, a quiet reading area and the outdoors. Paint, sand, water and play dough are frequent activities. Washing and toilet facilities are easily accessible for the children and they enjoy healthy snacks and lunch together. Playtime takes place outside in the Reception-only playground, whatever the weather conditions. There is a wide range of toys, bicycles, climbing equipment and role play areas, as well as a large sandpit, flower bed and a mud kitchen.

Most lessons are taught in the Reception area although the children have the opportunity to visit the school library and the ICT suite. They also have Music and PE taught by specialist teachers. Muddy Dragons provides a wonderful Forest School experience with the children getting close to nature. Reception attend whole school and year group assemblies as part of the wider Pre-Prep community and it is lovely to see them interacting with the older children.

Our daughter has loved Reception and we couldn’t have been more impressed. The teachers have created a warm, cozy and nurturing environment, which makes it feel like a gentle progression from nursery. At the same time, the academic progress has been massive. It really has been an exceptional entry into school life; teaching her that learning is fun, and that school is a place of safety and warmth, as well as new challenges and exciting experiences.
Reception Parents