The Tutors

The Tutor is at the centre of the knowledge and communication system, with a good relationship with tutees and their families and a thorough awareness of each child and their learning. In the Lower and Middle Schools, Houseparents are Tutor to the boarding children in their House and Form takers are Tutor to the day pupils in their form. In the Upper School pupils are set for all subjects and their Tutor Group becomes their social base rather than their academic form.

This allows for a good mix in each tutor group and opens up new friendship possibilities for the final two years here. Each tutor group in the Upper School has a maximum of ten pupils and will contain a mixture of boys and girls, boarding and day pupils. Two tutor groups join together to become a Form and register together each morning in their tutor base. Across the school, each tutor group has dedicated Tutor time twice a week and an hour of Circle Time once a week. Tutors will be in regular contact with parents of their tutees and will send out Progress Reports and discuss these with both their tutees and their parents. It is most helpful if parents can alert Tutors at the earliest sign of any worry on the part of their child as it is usually very easy to solve problems before they have grown into bigger anxieties. Regular individual conversations between Tutors and tutees will happen as well as the more formal Tutor time and each child can expect individual support and guidance from his/her Tutor.