Working with Our Partners

Most people take pleasure in helping others and we hope that we can play a part in enabling others to live a better life. Some things we can do ourselves and some things require the help of others.

Over the past few years we have been working in collaboration with a variety of organisations and schools to broaden and deepen our understanding of the social issues existing in our community in school, in Oxford, in the UK and internationally. We hope through our work with our partners to improve the social benefit our pupils and the school community can bring.

"The school initiates unique links with the community that strongly promote its ethos and the personal development of the pupils."

ISI Integrated Inspection, November 2014

Social Impact Blog
Looking for Partners
The Dragon is actively looking to develop partnerships with organisations who may benefit from use of the school's expertise, resources and facilities. We are delighted to hear from schools, clubs and other organisations across the local community.
We have benefited from the help given by many.
Building effective partnerships with other schools complement our development plans.
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