Green Dragons

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Increasingly, more people are becoming aware of the importance of the environment and the need to move towards a more sustainable future. There is an increasing need for professionals that understand the sustainability agenda who can navigate the complex challenges facing society as sustainability becomes more important in scientific economic and political decision making. Thus, it is vital that our young Dragons grow up with the knowledge and in the understanding that care of both our local and global environment is critical to our wellbeing as a society.

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Below are some of the aims for our sustainability programme at the Dragon:

  • For children to learn about sustainable practices through the curriculum and in extracurricular activities and clubs.
  • To promote the recycling of different materials and improve facilities around school for the organisation and recycling of waste. This will include recycling food waste to produce renewable energy.
  • To promote the idea of waste reduction in all areas of school and encourage pupils and staff to think carefully about reusing resources before recycling.
  • To encourage pupils and staff to make informed choices about food and water to promote healthy living and avoid waste.
  • Use the school grounds and the extracurricular time for activities or clubs which will promote pupils and staff to consider sustainability issues surrounding the growth of food and the importance of biodiversity.
  • To share expertise and facilities by collaboration with other local schools who are involved with Eco Schools or sustainability projects. To make use of expertise within our own extended Dragon community (parents, ODs) to promote sustainable living.
  • To link the idea of sustainable living in our Dragon community to our local and global community.
  • To review regularly school buildings, equipment and practises in order to help us to conserve energy and water and plan for a future which will include renewable energy resources. This will include the use of efficient taps and sensor systems to reduce energy usage.
  • We will communicate our action plans and achievements through the Staff and Pupil Intranet systems, on the School website (Green Dragons) through the weekly publication Dragon News and assemblies
“Pupils at this school are encouraged to develop an environmental friendly approach to living in the world and the school has an eco committee which leads on this approach. One boarding house has acquired chickens and the chicken house has been made by staff and children. The school works with partner schools and has held two children’s eco conferences.” Ofsted Inspection Report, 2011