2020 Education

"A ground-breaking Social Impact conference by and for school children"

In June 2012, The Dragon School hosted a conference at the Said Business School in Oxford, which brought together the best Social Impact projects from schools around the country. The day was achieved alongside our partners: Momentum Youth Development, The Independent Schools' Council Working Party for Social Action; The Schools' Network; and co-founder of 'Merlin', Nicholas Mellor.

The conference '2020 Education for Tomorrow Today' was conceived to showcase the wonderful work being done in schools and to enable young people to have a major platform for informing each other about the issues they are addressing. It engaged them in the creation of projects to further understanding, empowered them to implement solutions, and enabled them to share their ideas with their peers locally, nationally and internationally. It also promoted their achievements and inspired young people to ask the questions which need to be asked about the nature of education in the 21st century.  

Among many invited guests were Dr James Martin, founder of The Oxford Martin School; Sir Alec Reed, founder of the Reed Foundation; and Old Dragon Rageh Omaar, who kindly agreed to mentor the young presenters and co-present the day. Pupils from The Dragon, as well as young people from South Liverpool Academy, Heathfield Community School, Writhlington School, Sir John Cass School, Bolton School (Boys' Division), Sawston Village College, Little Ilford School, The Derbyshire Space Initiative, The Grammar School at Leeds also contributed. Additionally, pupils from Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zambia, who are part of the Chipawo Project, were present. All pupils were inspirational advocates for their projects.

All the delegates were exemplary ambassadors for their schools and created a power-house of energy, ingenuity, entrepreneurialism, compassion and creativity. It was a humbling experience to witness so many talented young people prepared to give so much of themselves to their projects and wanting to create a better world through education.

Watch the Dragon Beekeeping video created by pupils for the conference below.

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