Social Impact at the Dragon

We aim to be a School that develops free-thinking confident young people who understand the local and global challenges facing society today. As individuals, and collectively as a whole organisation, we commit to undertaking positive action to address and alleviate some of these challenges.

Social impact can take many forms, from fundraising and community service, to awareness raising and problem solving, and through our wide range of activities and partnerships we hope to expand and deepen our understanding and experience of this.

Our programme falls into the following main areas:

Curriculum – From the moment children enter the Dragon, philanthropy is a key part of their learning. Children engage with global issues through a wide array of talks, presentations, learning resources and academic and co-curricular activities, and are encouraged to share their ideas and opinions, make choices, and build and lead their own projects.

Charity Partnerships and Fundraising – Each year children vote for our three Charities of the Year (see below), and every child is involved in a Year Group Fundraiser in support of these organisations. In addition, children, staff and parents help to support dozens of other charities via the annual Dragon Christmas Charity Sale, which distributes approx. £100,000 per year to charities put forward by the children.

School and Community Partnerships – We work closely with a number of local primary schools, including Windale, Pegasus and Orchard Meadow, to co-design programmes and activities that provide opportunities for children and staff to learn together, and from each other, including music, drama and art workshops. In addition, we support the local community in range of ways through our Community Dragons Quest activity, and our kitchens distribute 250 hot meals per week to vulnerable people across Oxford.

Transformational Bursary Programme – We are proud to offer an extensive and thriving independent Transformational Bursary Programme, and also are part of the Royal National Children’s Spring Board Foundation (RNCSF) network of schools.


Dragon Charities of the Year and Year Group Fundraisers

Each year children and staff at the Pre-Prep and Prep vote for our three school Charities of the Year – one local, one global and one environmental – that we support across the academic year through the Year Group Fundraisers, and School collections. These charities, and the money raised to support them, are distinct from the Dragon Sale.

As well as raising money for our Charities of the Year, we also work closely with each organisation to help the children understand the context of their work, through assemblies and talks, learning activities and volunteering opportunities.

We are delighted that our Charities of the Year for 2022/23 are:

Rose Hill Junior Youth Club – A local organisation in East Oxford that help children, young people and families by offering free after-school youth clubs, holiday activity clubs, one-one mentoring services, hot meals and weekly food and essentials boxes. D & B Block Fundraisers (

Plan International – A global charity helping disadvantaged children around the world access education, health care, food & clean water and equal opportunities, with a particular focus on rights for girls.


Blue Marine Foundation – A UK-based charity working globally to protect and restore our oceans. Their mission is to protect 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030, and ensure the other 70% is managed in a responsible way.

Sponsoring a child in their Year Group Fundraiser

Every child in school, from Reception to A Block, takes part in a Year Group Fundraiser, in aid of our Charities of the Year.

If you would like to sponsor a child in their fundraising event please follow the donation links above to make a donation to the charity/ies of your choice. Please note that we are hoping to split the funds as evenly as possible between all three charities. A huge thank you for all of your support!

Our next Year Group Fundraisers are:

D Block Colour Run –  Monday 12th June

D Block will join forces to take part in an epic Colour Run around the fields, we can’t wait to share photos!


B Block Water Run – Friday 16th June

B Block will complete a Water Run, with each form working in pairs to carry 20litres of river water for a distance of 6 kilometres, as many women and children have to do every day in sub-Saharan Africa. Recognising that water is a precious commodity, and not something to be taken for granted, they will be challenged to spill as little as possible along the way.

Music Outreach

Dragon Sale

Each year, we present every child with real and exciting challenges that enable them to learn vital skills and measure their direct impact.
Ellie King, Director of Social and Environmental Impact

Examples of the activities our young Dragons have been involved with