The tradition of social and environmental impact is central to life at the Dragon and can be seen in the remarkable leadership and achievements of many Old Dragons.

From the moment children enter the Dragon, philanthropy is a key part of their curriculum. Through partnerships with local schools and charities, fund and awareness raising, presentations and visits, we help pupils think about how people really make a difference to local, national and global issues. We draw attention to the characteristics of those individuals and organisations whose vision, energy, compassion, dedication and generosity are already making a difference.

Young Dragons recognise problems and learn to identify the steps required to develop solutions and to focus on the positive impact education can have on social and environmental problems. We hope that through the experience and awareness gained at the Dragon we can encourage our pupils to be leaders in philanthropy and social entrepreneurship, to become the visionaries who will set the future agenda for beneficial social transformation.

Entrepreneurial Dragons

The annual Year 7’s Governors’ Challenge was one of the first schemes in the country to encourage pupils to use their entrepreneurial skills, to raise money through their own enterprise, research charities and to advocate their cause. In addition, the hugely successful and popular annual Christmas Dragon Sale, in which they take a full and active part, raises considerable amounts for charities chosen by the children.

The School’s *Spectrum schedule is always interspersed with School plays, musicals, excellent debates, ‘Battle of the Bands’, the Upper School Variety Show and visiting speakers. Past Spectrum speakers include; Hugh Warwick, Sanderson Jones, Leon McCarron, Sarah Fane OBE, William Webb (OD 2012) and Kate Culverwell (OD 2011) .

Music Outreach

Dragon Sale

Each year, we present every child with real and exciting challenges that enable them to learn vital skills and measure their direct impact.
Ellie King, Director of Social and Environmental Impact

Examples of the activities our young Dragons have been involved with