Dragon School believes that children have a right to feel safe and recognise that this is when they can achieve in their learning, relationships and have high self-esteem.

Our atmosphere in School and our overall treatment of children contribute to positive outcomes. Important factors include:

  • positive teacher attitudes towards pupils
  • a good reward system
  • clear consistent boundaries
  • teachers having high expectations of pupils
  • shared values and standards
  • pupils being given a voice in the school and active responsibilities
  • a strong academic emphasis

These good practice attributes are underpinned by a clear values base, which advocates mutual trust, tolerance of difference, integrity and encouragement.

Arrangements for the welfare and safeguarding of boarders are excellent. Boarders feel safe and extremely well cared for by a large team of dedicated staff. The school has robust procedures for safeguarding with excellent links to local agencies. Boarders do not identify bullying as an issue and know that there is a wide range of adults available to talk to, including a full-time counsellor and a speech and language therapist. The welfare and safeguarding of the boarders are extremely well supported and monitored by effective communication between staff in all areas of the school.
ISI Integrated Inspection, November 2014