Circle Time

Staff at the Dragon School have been trained by Family Links here in Oxford. Family Links is a registered charity which was set up in this country in 1994. The emphasis is on improved emotional literacy and health, moral and social responsibility, increased self-esteem and empathy, and improved behaviour and relationship skills. Circle Time sessions happen each week for an hour and many of the things which can interrupt learning are addressed in these sessions. The many ways in which we can each work as a good citizen are practised specifically in these sessions and then encouraged during the week.

“Boarders also value the support they receive from boarding staff in the houses who deal sensitively with any health needs that they may have. Boarders are further supported by the provision of a comprehensive personal, social and health education programme which is delivered through circle time sessions, in lessons, assemblies, form time, tutor time and through participation in the school council.” Ofsted Inspection Report, 2011
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