Whilst maintaining a service which has at its heart a nutritionally balanced menu selection, we also encourage an atmosphere where we help all children to have an open mind to food.

Food is plentiful, nutritious and varied with plenty of choice during the day. Care is taken to cater for those with special dietary needs.

ISI Integrated Inspection, November 2014

Our menus are designed to tempt children of all ages to engage in a 'have a try' approach to the meals we provide, particularly if these happen to be from our selection of Around the World menus.

Special Days are also popular with the pupils such as Roman Day, Tudor Day or Chinese Day where we decorate the dining hall and have an authentic menu selection.

All this apart, some of the initiatives which have been adopted as policy in the Catering Department are:

  • Fresh fruit is offered at all services for boarders and day pupils alike and no restriction is in place to limit the amount a pupil can have.
  • As much as reasonably practicable, fried food is kept to a minimum.
  • All vegetables are steam cooked to maintain as much as the vitamin content as possible.
  • Fruit juice and dried fruit together with whole-wheat cereals are available at breakfast.
  • A vegetarian option is always available at lunch and supper.
  • A comprehensive salad bar is available at both lunch and supper times.
  • On a half-termly basis the Catering Manager meets with the Pupils Food Committee to discuss the service provided.