Welcome to the Dragon Pre-Prep (4-7)

The Dragon Pre-Prep, tucked away on Richards Lane, just north of Summertown, Oxford, is full of children, creatively immersed in their learning, making firm friendships and enjoying being carefree and happy. Our education philosophy lays firm foundations which are built upon as children move up through the School. We encourage the children to discover their interests and develop their personalities while they steadily learn to take control of their own learning. We, and our children’s parents, witness them becoming confident and increasingly independent at their own pace.

The Dragon values of kindness, courage and respect are at the core of everything we do and all relationships are encouraged to be positive. We foster creativity and curiosity, and encourage children to develop a wide range of skills, rather than focusing on a narrow body of knowledge. Emotional intelligence is nurtured alongside learning, equipping the children to deal with the ever-changing world in which they will grow up and work.

At the end of Year 3, children move to Year 4 at Bardwell Road where their distinctive Dragon education continues.

Meet the Head of Pre-Prep

Annie McNeile

I joined the Dragon in 2005 as Head of Year 4. In this role I was responsible for guiding the new joiners to the Dragon Prep, both from the Dragon Pre-Prep and a variety of other schools, looking after their academic and pastoral needs. I then moved to the Pre-Prep in 2012 as Head. During my time at the School, I have helped to run one of the senior boarding houses with my husband, who as a member of staff, is familiar with a child’s life at the Dragon, from their starting point at the age of 4 until they leave at 13.

Do come and see our youngest Dragons in action, chat to our staff and children. We believe that when you do, you will understand what it is that makes the Dragon so special and, perhaps, as many parents comment, wish you were back at school yourself.  Annie McNeile, Headmistress, Dragon Pre-Prep

Welcome to the Dragon Prep (8-13)

School life centres on a broad curriculum designed and delivered by a large, very well qualified teaching staff. A huge range of after school activities and clubs extend timetabled subjects and games with every kind of interest and activity. An outstanding sporting school, the Dragon fields strong teams across the board of competition while offering a programme that includes and encourages every level of ability. The extensive Dragon music programme mirrors this in breadth and diversity with orchestras, choirs, bands and performances of every kind.

Dragon School - view from the Cherwell River

Green Dragons

The Dragon School has held the internationally recognised Eco Schools Green Flag status since 2010 and had it renewed in 2014. The Dragon puts Eco principles into everything it does from sourcing food to energy management. Our pupils are the driving force behind our eco-friendly initiative and they have developed an action plan to promote thoughtful ways of sustainable living within our entire community. Please keep up to date with our progress by following our blog below.

ISI Inspection, November 2014

This is the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) report on the Dragon following the inspection on 11th - 14th November 2014.

This was an integrated inspection which included Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Boarding.

ISI reports do not provide a single overarching judgement for the school but instead give a clear judgement on each aspect of the school’s work at the beginning of each section.

These headline statements must include one of the ISI descriptors, "excellent", "good", "sound" or "unsatisfactory" and, where the quality of the pupils' achievements and learning is "exceptional", that term may be used for the top grade in that single category. For all other categories, the top grade is "excellent".

The headlines are:

  • The quality of the pupils’ achievements and learning – Exceptional
  • The contribution of curricular and extra-curricular provision - Excellent
  • The quality of teaching – Excellent
  • The spiritual, moral, social and cultural developments of the children – Excellent
  • The contribution of arrangements for pastoral care - Excellent
  • The contribution of arrangements for welfare, health and safety – Excellent
  • The quality of governance – Excellent
  • The quality of leadership and management, including links with parents, carers and guardians – Excellent
  • The quality of boarding education – Excellent
    • Outcomes for boarders – Excellent
    • Provision and care – Excellent
    • Welfare and safeguarding – Excellent
    • Leadership and management of boarding – Excellent

This means the Dragon scored the top grade in every category and it is a great testimony to the superb work of all the children and staff at the school.

Please click here for the full report.


Clubs at the DragonClubs (After School)

As well as the compulsory Activity sessions, we offer a variety of after school Clubs that are mainly voluntary. Some children are required to attend certain "pre-selected Clubs" such as extra Sport coaching and Choir rehearsals but in the main the choice is down to the individual child and his/her parents.

Most of the Clubs are run by Dragon staff, but where outside expertise is necessary (as with Judo, Fencing, Squash, Real Tennis and Chess) this brings an extra charge.

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