Friday 30 April

The new term started very smoothly in glorious Spring sunshine and our young Dragons are delighted to be back in school after the Easter break. There is a real air of enthusiasm and optimism as the children and staff look forward to embracing all the exciting learning opportunities which lie ahead.

With the return to school after the potentially more relaxed environment of home, in this week’s assembly we considered why we have rules and laws, and whether they restrict our freedom or protect and enhance it. We thought about what might happen if there were no rules and laws in areas ranging from football matches to driving on our roads. We also learned about the process by which a law is created, and we heard of some ancient laws that have never been repealed, such as the 1313 law forbidding anyone to attend Parliament while dressed in a suit of armour! Reflecting on our own reaction to rules, we also considered the ways in which rules and laws protect us, rather than feeling that our freedoms are being curtailed and of course, we were reminded of our own Dragon values of Kindness, Courage and Respect.

The start of term saw an exciting new initiative with the introduction of personalised spelling journals for each child, which the children take with them to every lesson. There is a new focus on spelling in all year-groups throughout the school, and these journals should prove a valuable tool as every child builds up their own individual spelling resource to help them master some of the more challenging words they will encounter in lessons. The journals have been very well received and the Dragons have adopted this idea with characteristic enthusiasm.

In the classrooms this week, A Block children are preparing for their French mock oral examinations while B Block have been studying the poetry of William Blake. Meanwhile in Design & Technology, C Block have explored the exciting topic of planning and designing their own rockets. In Geography, A Block are revising for their Common Entrance exams, initially focusing on the Transport and Industry topic. B Block have been preparing for their Geography fieldtrips, either to Shotover Country Park or Amersham Field Studies Centre. C Block have started the topic of tectonic hazards, and are learning about the structure of the Earth and the theory of continental drift.

At the Pre-prep, our budding Year 2 scientists have been examining different types of seeds, including some outdoor experiments studying the ways in which seeds are dispersed. Continuing with the botanical theme, the Year 1 pupils were able to enjoy their first harvest of leeks from the Pre-prep garden.

As well as curriculum Music lessons, rehearsals have started for the C Block musical, Oliver! The first rehearsal on Tuesday was a huge success with the singing of the whole chorus part from beginning to end, in socially distanced bubbles. Plans are also underway for the cross-curricular D Block ‘Eco Musical’ which takes place at the end of the first half of term. Other exciting activities this week have included the first fencing club, and in Dragon QUEST the Classical Dragons re-enacted the Persian invasion of Ancient Greece!  Our ‘Scavenger Dragons’ have been out and about in the University parks, whilst the Culinary Dragons have been honing their sushi-making skills.

With the Bank Holiday weekend upon us, I wish you all a safe and happy exeat and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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