The Dragon School Trust Ltd is a company registered under the Companies Act 1985 (number 524331) and a registered charity (number 309676). It is a company limited by guarantee.

The Dragon School Trust Ltd’s primary object is to run the Dragon School, Oxford, though the company’s objects allow it to run any other school. The company was first incorporated 6 October 1953. Revised Memorandum and Articles were adopted 8 November 2008.

The Governors of the Dragon School are also trustees of the charity, directors and members of the company. New governors are appointed by the members of the company (who are congruent with the board of governors). Governors hold office for six years, whereupon they may be reappointed. Governors retire at the age of 70 unless a Special Resolution is passed to allow continuation in office. There may be no more than 20 and no fewer than seven governors. The liability of the members is limited to £1 each. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Governor, please contact the Bursar, Martin Johnson.

All correspondence to the Chair of Governors should be sent:

c/o Clerk to Governors
Dragon School
Bardwell Road

Email: [email protected] or call 01865 315 403.

The school invests the whole of any surpluses generated in its buildings, infrastructure and equipment. The latest accounts are available on request from the Bursary or may be seen online, together with other summary information, from the Charity Commission Website.

“The Dragon School Trust Ltd” has a wholly owned subsidiary ‘Dragon School Trading Ltd’. For further details of this and other relationships please see the Trust’s annual accounts. The information on this site is not part of any agreement between parents and the School. Although correct at the time of construction, certain statements may go out of date from time to time. Parents wishing to place specific reliance upon any statement in the web pages should seek written confirmation before accepting an offer of a place.