One look around the Dragon Science Department would fill any science teacher with excitement. Six fully equipped laboratories, two highly competent support technicians and a wealth of staff enthusiasm is the perfect platform for teaching and learning success in any school. But at the Dragon, there is another very important factor that must play a key role in pupil success – their in-built ‘need’ to question further, to explore and to seize and run with the characteristics of their positive role models, the teachers.

We are all aware of the need for pupil success at 11+, 13+ or Scholarship level and the associated curricular focus but it is our responsibility as science teachers to consider a second factor – the opening up and challenging of the world of science. Of course the two areas have significant overlap: factual understanding, analysing data, problem solving, research, thinking skills and discovering links between topics and issues. However, one look at the daily news will now require an appreciation and understanding of the delicate relationship between evidence and theory. Appropriate science teaching must guide pupils to a point at which they no longer accept scientific information as ‘fact’.


We are in an enviably strong position at the Dragon having all of the resources needed to deliver a first class science education – in class ICT allowing recent news articles to be viewed on screen, practical equipment sufficient for every pupil to use their own and expertise in different fields of science within the department to name but a few. Our challenge now is to maintain a continually updated curriculum and a consistent approach between teachers where expectations of and by teachers and pupils are always high. 

As educators in science, we are in the fortunate position where the excitement and dynamism of the subject is in itself a wonderful motivator for learning. Our challenge is to capture the imagination of our pupils and connect them with the World of Science.

The following syllabus may be downloaded here: 

 Science Curriculum

“The Dragon was much better, much less regimented than my previous school, at the same time much more playful and more serious. There was a science lesson every week and from then on I really never had to make any more career decisions.” Sir Tim Hunt, Nobel Prize Winner (OD 1956)