Physical Education

The PE department aims to provide a positive learning environment, in which children can develop a love for sport and fitness. A solid foundation gives pupils a grounding for sport in later years and, hopefully, in their adult life. The Dragon emphasises the importance of an active lifestyle and provides children with a variety of opportunities to find an area or sport that suits them.

We recognise that PE plays a central role in developing a child’s confidence, social and personal skills. As a result, we incorporate and encourage a variety of key attributes into PE lessons like enjoyment, perseverance, resilience, communication, team work and leadership. We aim to create a well-rounded individual, with the benefits of these skills expressed in many aspects of their learning and life in general.

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There are 4 specialist PE teachers who take all PE lessons from E - A Blocks. The Head of Swimming assists in the E Block swimming lessons. E Block pupils have a one hour lesson each week, and D - A Blocks have a one hour lesson every two weeks.

The A Block curriculum contains a term of holistic PE. This focusses not only on learning a new sport each week, but also the factors that help round the whole person. It works on skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership. A term of aquatics develops elite swimming skills including diving and butterfly techniques and aims to provide developments in teamwork, leadership and communication skills through the disciplines of synchronized swimming and water polo. Athletics is taught in the summer term and focusses on throwing and jumping events.

B Block complete a term of health related fitness, looking at a variety of different components of fitness and relating them to various sports. The aquatics term is working on the more challenging swimming skills like butterfly and diving but also includes water aerobics and swim-fit to encourage fun new skills. Athletics is taught in the summer term and focuses on the throwing and jumping events.

C Block take aquatics for a term, which looks at the technique of four major strokes and incorporates some work on personal survival and swim fit. A term of gymnastics introduces the topic of flight and enables the pupils to work on their vaulting. Athletics is taught in the summer term with some track work, lots of jumping events and a little throwing.

D Block have a term of water confidence and swimming technique in three major strokes. A term of gymnastics focusses on the key skills of headstands, cartwheels and handstands. Dance is also briefly introduced and allows pupils to choreograph their own routines. Athletics is taught in the summer term with track, jumping and some throwing events.

E Block have their first term of swimming followed by gymnastics. The second term is then swimming again followed by dance. The swimming elements are all technique based and aim to develop water confidence. Gymnastics looks at pair work and creating sequences. The dance unit covers a variety of aspects including movement and exaggeration and uses the ideas of cannon, mirror and unison. Athletics is taught in the summer term focusing on lots of SAQ work (Speed, Agility and Quickness), track events, jumping and a little throwing.

The Dragon provides excellent sporting facilities.