We all live geographically. Planet Earth is our home. It is awesome, diverse, inspiring and ever-changing. As geographers at the Dragon, we are passionate about discovering how our world works and what impact humans are having on its fragile existence. Children at the Dragon are able to draw on their vast wealth of personal experiences to bring more insight, interest and relevance to our studies.

Teachers in the department are committed to improving the knowledge and understanding of the pupils and also developing the thinking skills which are so vital in the study of Geography. In doing this, we are able to explore values and issues, challenge stereotypes whilst still encouraging the children to think for themselves. We aim to allow Dragons the freedom to develop their own informed ideas and to then have the confidence and ability to defend these opinions.


In Year 4, children study the development of settlements, then consider some extreme environments around the world such as deserts and polar regions. In the summer term, they complete some cross-curricular work with Science when studying tropical rainforest ecosystems. In Year 5, pupils spend time outside discovering their local area and then cover a variety of topics from mountains and weather to environmental studies and Ordnance Survey map work.

Year 6 brings about a study of development where children get to debate global issues such as fair trade, international aid and globalisation. By Year 7 and 8, the Common Entrance syllabus prevails and topics such as population and settlement, earthquakes and volcanoes, and transport and industry are covered in preparation for the children's final exams. Fieldwork, both on and off the school site, is undertaken whenever possible.

Each year group will be involved in fieldwork of some sort, whether this be off site or using the excellent grounds at the Dragon.
Our Staff
The Geography department is lucky to have such committed and enthusiastic staff. With university backgrounds ranging from straight Geography to Civic Design, they are quite an intrepid bunch. Travels across the globe have taken them to most of the Earth’s continents on volunteer projects, field trips and sightseeing excursions.

The Geography department has long embraced the variety of technology on offer. The internet is regularly used for research by individuals and via the digital whiteboards in lessons. Such facilities allow the lessons to be as interactive as possible and ensure that even the most reticent become involved in lessons and pro-active in their learning.