Drama is taught to Years 5 & 6 and pupils not taking a second language in Years 7 & 8. The emphasis is on learning basic performance skills and developing the children's self-confidence through mime, improvisation, games, devised sketches and, occasionally, scripted performance. Those who miss out in Years 7 & 8 have an opportunity in the Post Exam Group Programme to write and direct their own plays during Common Entrance Week.

Cross-curricular events involving the whole year group include the Greek Plays in Year 4; Poetry in Motion in Year 5; Scenes from the Iliad and Odyssey in Year 6 and French sketches in Year 7. Each year group puts on a major production. A balance is kept between musical and non-musical plays.

There is also plenty of opportunity for informal drama as there are Variety Shows for the Middle and Upper School; an Improvisation Evening for Years 7 & 8 and an Entertainments' Evening for Years 5, 6 & 7 at the end of the summer term. There is also ‘A Play in a Week’ for Year 5; a presentation of “Scenes from Journey's End" by Year 8 to coincide with Remembrance Sunday; a Leavers' Revue at the end of the school year; and Curtain Call (a more formal evening of music and drama) in the last week. We also run a LAMDA club which has proved very popular with over a hundred children taking an exam each year.

Pupils perform in a wide variety of school productions that are of the highest quality and some individuals gain major parts in west-end productions.

ISI Integrated Inspection, November 2014

“I had a fantastic time at The Dragon. It was an absolute riot: I don't remember 'learning' anything, and yet I learned everything. It's an amazing place. It sounds cliché but I started acting by doing impersonations, and trying to make people laugh.” Tom Hiddleston, Actor (OD 1994)
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