The Dragon School Prep Art department is a lively, exciting, and invigorating place where pupils experience a wide range of artwork and materials through a curriculum that is fresh and stimulating. 

Housed in three spectacular purpose built studios with high ceilings and ample natural light, pupils gain experience in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics through the study of both historic and contemporary art practice.


Each pupil keeps a sketchbook which is used to record observations and to research and plan project work. Lower (Year 4) and Middle (Years 5 & 6) School pupils have a double lesson (70mins) per week and a different topic and process is studied each term, based around a particular artist or art movement. Upper (Year 7 & 8) School pupils have a triple lesson (105mins) per week and projects are taught in 8 week units. Through experimenting with ideas, trying out new techniques, recording feelings, thoughts and information about artists the pupils develop work that is ambitious, well thought out and sometimes on a large scale.

Some projects encompass group work, where pupils will form a small team. This aims to help stimulate camaraderie, the sharing of knowledge and ideas, and ultimately a feeling of common accomplishment.

The use of ICT is mainly evident through the research process, though we also use the School's ICT suites to enable the use of graphics software and image manipulation. Some projects use digital media both in the creation and recording process.

“Our ethos is for the pupils to have an imaginative and enjoyable experience whilst learning about different styles, genres and techniques that are used in the creation of artworks. We hope that we inspire them to continue their appreciation and enjoyment of the arts both into their next school and beyond.” Dragon Art Department
Our Staff
Each member of our staff has completed a Degree course in the Arts and contributes their specialist subject knowledge to the department. From sculpture to scraffito, plaster casting to printmaking, the wide array of materials and processes used is testament to our passion.
The Dragon offers a wide range of extra-curricular art activities and trips.
Self evaluation is an important part of assessment.
Meet Our Teachers