170223Pre Prep 3A team of specialist music teachers teach class music throughout the Pre-Prep during which all children are introduced to a wide range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments, enjoy singing a variety of songs as well as working on listening skills, composing and performing. Year groups have the opportunity to sing together each week providing an excellent opportunity for rehearsals for performances and part singing.

There is an extensive instrumental programme available in which all children can participate. Music staff firmly believe that there is the right instrument for each child to learn and take the time to investigate what this may be. After discussion with the Music and Class Teachers, and trials on a number of instruments, individual music lessons can be arranged from Year 2 onwards; the school makes an additional charge for these. Some children take music exams however the focus is on generating an enjoyment of playing and good practice routines.

In addition to timetabled music lessons there are morning practices, after school music activities and a number of concerts and musical productions are arranged and performed throughout the year. Further performance opportunities are available in assemblies and concerts to which parents are invited.

170223Pre Prep harp

Lynams Music Choir