Blackbird Academy TrustThe Dragon is the lead sponsor of a primary school academy – The Blackbird Academy Trust. From September 2013, three primary schools in the Leys area of Oxford became part of this new primary academy.

The Dragon and two other charities working in education, Family Links and the Hamilton Trust, now lead and support the new Academy as sponsors. The primary schools, Orchard Meadow, Pegasus School and Windale, retain their own identities under the umbrella of the Academy which is led by Executive Director, Jill Hudson.

The Dragon was pleased to accept the invitation to become a sponsor of the new primary academy as a natural extension of its existing partnership work with a number of local primary schools including Pegasus School. The Dragon has a long-held commitment to the education of children in Oxford and is keen now to extend and build on established relationships with partner schools to benefit more children, extend opportunities for learning and help them learn well.

In undertaking this important commitment to children in Oxford we are delighted to be working with our fellow sponsors. Family Links, through work with many schools (including the Dragon), has developed expertise in positive behaviour management and the creation of emotional support for good teaching and learning. The Hamilton Trust, which has also worked with many schools in Oxford, supports primary teachers nationally and has a particular specialism in maths.

Since the formation of the new primary academy, the Dragon pupils have taken part in a number of joint activities and visits with pupils from the three Blackbird Academy primary schools.

Blackbird Academy

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Blackbird Academy