Peter WilsonPeter Wilson

Science Technician

Life at The Dragon

I have taught Latin, Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Each provided a different pleasure. Latin and Maths give the children an ability to face problems with an analytical approach rather than random guesswork; using words in Latin and numbers in Maths. Latin also provides a wonderful introduction to the understanding of the English language. Maths is an essential ingredient to understand the Mathematics of everyday life. Physics and Chemistry were most enjoyable because the children can do the experiments themselves and from an analysis of the results obtained, they are able to confirm the theory behind the experiment. Possession of set knowledge is less important than how that knowledge is derived and proved and indeed what you can do with that knowledge once you have proved its veracity.

What do you enjoy about the Dragon

The Dragon is a wonderful collection of very able and independently minded parents, staff and children, crucial to the success of the Dragon over the years. Skipper Lynam in 1908 summed this up wonderfully in a speech, where he described how each child is an individual and should be treated as such at a time when most Prep Schools were regimented and required to wear a jacket and tie, never to look scruffy and untidy and under no circumstance to climb trees etc. He was right and still is!! Too much regimentation restricts the development of the confident and independently minded child.


I have always been a keen sportsman enjoying a variety of sports. I also enjoy music – particularly Beethoven and Wagner – and also the theatre. I love reading, particularly History, gardening and family – particularly the recently arrival of grandchildren.