Ibe AkohIbe Akoh

Head of Curriculum ICT

Life before the Dragon

I moved around a lot as a youngster, living in Edinburgh, Dumfries, Airdrie, Glasgow, St. Albans and Plymouth and as such went to a number of different schools, eventually graduating from Exeter University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in International Business Management.

I have worked in ICT in one form or another for the past 7 years. Most recently as a Technology Consultant for a large company called Accenture, but also for much smaller companies in software development and web design roles.

What do you enjoy about the subject you teach?

I love the reaction in a room when someone is able to do something they haven’t done before or is introduced to something new. I’ve started to be able to anticipate when that moment comes and look forward to the chorus of “Wow, that is so cool” every time someone makes their character on Yenka do a cartwheel for the first time or is able to make their Scratch sprites move in reaction to keyboard strokes.

What do you aim to bring to the school?

I am hoping to use my technology background and programming experience to help the Dragons to develop their programming skills and do some exciting things. I’m an optimist, and want to encourage the students to be positive about technology, embracing new things and being unafraid of looking a little deeper at how the computers and devices that are now everywhere around us really work.

How are you settling in? What do you think makes the Dragon different from other Schools?

I’m loving it! The staff and the students have been very welcoming and have made it easy to fit in. Dragons have a certain quality which is hard to describe but instantly recognisable. Maybe one day I will work out the word to describe this, but in all likelihood one of the Dragons will get there before me and tell me what that word is. The Dragon is less formal than other schools at times, yet there is still a huge amount of mutual respect between the students and all members of staff , a balance which makes this a great place to work.

What are your passions and goals?

I’ve always been passionate about being creative and doing new things – that’s why I love ICT. With technology, there are always exciting new products and developments, as well as great opportunities for you to create products of your own. It’s really satisfying knowing that you have been able to help people do things better or solve a problem with something you worked to create, and I want to help our young Dragons to do this too. I also love sport (especially Football) and look forward to helping out with coaching at the Dragon - something I enjoyed a great deal when I was younger.