Emma WhittyEmma Whitty

Housemistress for Junior Girls and Science Teacher

Life before The Dragon

I grew up and went to school in the rural county of Shropshire. Before attending Liverpool University, I took a year out to work in order to help pay for the newly introduced tuition fees; the experience was hard work and made me appreciate my time at University even more.

I had always had an interest in Science, but I had my heart set on working with children. I wanted to make a difference, see children make progress and I thought that being an Educational Psychologist would be the best job to enable this. I graduated University with a BSc in Applied Psychology and embarked on an exciting venture in Nottingham to mentor pupils at an inner city comprehensive school. Many of the children had no confidence, they were attracted by gang culture that appeared to offer support, but in reality conflicted with their educational needs. We built relationships, worked through difficult times and most went onto pass their GCSE's. It changed their lives and mine – I knew I wanted to teach.

After training I became a boarding tutor for 16 year old boys and then a class based primary teacher in Scotland after meeting my husband, Andrew. I always wanted to return to a boarding community and was delighted when I was offered the post here as Science teacher at the Dragon.

What do you enjoy most about the subjects you teach?

Science is a fantastic subject to teach as the children get to experience and 'do' the subject practically, which helps them learn. My particular favourite is Chemistry as I love seeing the children so excited about the Bunsen Burners! In addition, I enjoy being able to teach using a variety of multimedia tools and science lends itself to this approach.

What do you enjoy most about the Dragon?

The Dragon is a very special place and I feel genuinely lucky to be a part of its community. Originally from Wales, the Dragon School name and symbol caught my eye and after 4 years the school still amazes me with its special and rare approach. The relationships with the children are at the heart of the school, built on an openness and trust I have never experienced before while teaching. The children have so much energy and enthusiasm for all that they do; it inspires me on a daily basis.

The staff at the school are just as dynamic and being a part of it continually makes me strive to be the best I can be, to keep up with such impressive people!

Being a Housemistress for the last 2 years has been a privilege. Working so closely with the Junior girls, helping them progress academically as well as socially, has been hugely rewarding. I love being such an integral part of their academic journey, helping them realise their talents and working closely with such wonderful families is an honour.


Being welsh, I have two main passions which quite predictably are singing and rugby! I have always been dedicated to music, I played (and taught) the piano and flute for many years. My main love is singing, and I am starting to find my confidence to sing in front of people. I was asked to join the staff band, Tinnitus, and have enjoyed performing at a few end of term Sing Songs. I played rugby at University and support Wales and The Ospreys.

The future is exciting as Andrew and I are about to become parents for the first time and we are very much looking forward to bringing up a little one in such a warm, vibrant and caring community.