Annette HughesAnnette Hughes

Head of History, English Teacher

Life before The Dragon

I grew up in Cambridgeshire and studied history at Leeds University. I took English as my subsidiary subject and wrote my dissertation on women’s history explored through early novels. After graduation, I moved to London and worked at the Institute of Directors for several years before being convinced by a good friend that teaching was my real calling. I took my Secondary PGCE at the Institute of Education, during which I taught at two extremely challenging schools in Tottenham. After graduating I taught in Camden for three years before my husband and I relocated to Oxfordshire. I have taught at the Dragon since 2003 and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, although adjusting to teaching younger children took a little while! I took over as Head of History in 2010. I also teach English to Year 5.

What do you enjoy most about the subjects you teach?

I find history endlessly fascinating; my favourite periods are the Anglo-Saxon and Early Modern but most periods interest me. What I like about teaching history to children is that they start off viewing it as simply an exciting story and progress to understanding that it is the study of past human behaviour, with all its endless complexities and contradictions. I also enjoy teaching English as it gives children the skills they need to express themselves and be creative. It is the foundation of everything else that they do, both at school and in the wider world.


In the holidays I like to catch up on my reading, which I love. I also visit museums, galleries and historical sites, and watch good films. I greatly enjoy walking in the countryside and a portion of every holiday is spent visiting our friends and family, who are rather spread out! However, my main pleasure is simply spending relaxed time with my husband and son.