A solid foundation in Physical Education gives pupils a grounding for sport in later years and, hopefully, in their adult life. We emphasise the importance of an active lifestyle and provide children with a variety of opportunities to find an area or sport that suits each child.

Facilities at Dragon School include; an indoor swimming pool (25m x 10m), three all-weather pitches, a gymnasium (marked for badminton, basketball, indoor football, netball, hockey, badminton and volleyball), and 8 acres of playing fields. There are four dry changing facilities (2 for boys and 2 for girls, senior and junior). The swimming pool complex houses additional changing facilities, both poolside and above, connected to the viewing balcony.

Dragon School recognises that PE plays a central role in developing a child’s confidence, social and personal skills. As a result, we incorporate and encourage a variety of key attributes within our PE lessons, from enjoyment to perseverance, resilience to communication, team work and leadership. We aim to create a well-rounded individual, with the benefits of these skills expressed in many aspects of their learning and life in general.

There are 4 specialist PE teachers who take all PE lessons from Years 4 to 8. The Head of Swimming assists in Year 4 swimming lessons, with Year 4 pupils given a one hour lesson each week, and Years 5 to 8 given a one hour lesson every two weeks. The curriculum is variable dependent on year group and term. Each term involves a combination of Holistic PE, Aquatics, Athletics, Gymnastics and Dance.

We provide a positive learning environment in which children can develop a love for sport and fitness, and emphasise the importance of an active lifestyle.
Clare King, Head of Physical Education