The Learning Support department plays a central role at the Dragon and offers a supportive environment for pupils with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and attention difficulties. The department aims to celebrate neurodiversity, raise confidence and help children learn in ways that play to their strengths and help to develop independent learning.

The department is situated at the heart of the school, with an open area surrounded by specially designed teaching rooms. All staff have a qualification in teaching children with Specific Learning Difficulties. There is also a Speech and Language therapist who supports children with speech, language and social skills. The Department works in close conjunction with individual subject and form tutors to ensure that support is provided when and where necessary and within the context of the broader curriculum.

Learning Objectives are set individually, in discussion with the child and progress is continually reviewed. Depending on the child’s learning profile, these may include developing reading skills, spelling, numeracy, writing skills and improving presentation, helping with organisation and study skills.

There is regular and frequent communication with parents by email, telephone and meetings in the department. Parents are welcome to contact us at any time.

Group support
  • In Year 4, group support is given in differentiated reading and spelling groups, some of which are taught be Learning Support teachers.
  • Handwriting: A class meets once a week to improve letter formation and presentation.
  • Reading Skills Group: A class is run once a week for those children in D and C Block who require more practice with their reading and comprehension skills than can be offered in class.
  • Spelling groups are run three mornings a week for Years 5 and 6 before the start of the school day. Pupils use an online course which is personalised and adaptive to their current level of attainment.

Outside Help: External assessment is sought where appropriate, but only after full discussion with the parents. We have a visiting Educational Psychologist who comes into school and a list of trusted Occupational Therapists and Behavioural Optometrists can also be supplied.

The Learning Support department celebrates neurodiversity and is passionate about supporting children with a wide range of learning profiles. Pupils are encouraged to become confident, independent learners and to be ambitious for their future.
Jane Jackson, Head of Learning Support