History is, above all, the study of human behaviour, and children at the Dragon learn about themselves and their society in a uniquely meaningful way. We pride ourselves on being able to make past events relevant to our pupils by comparing them to events that they are familiar with. We are fortunate to have access to technological resources which help to bring history alive. Un-reliant on textbooks, we enable our pupils to develop their research skills.

At the core of the History syllabus are the ‘traditional’ skills of observation, analysis and explanation. Source analysis and essay writing allow children to develop analytical and literacy skills which will be useful throughout their lives.

In Year 4, the pupils study local history, the history of the Dragon School, Roman Britain, the Home Front, the Victorians, and African and Mayan civilisations. As pupils progress into Year 5 and beyond, they are taught in a way which strongly links skills and content. They will learn a chronological overview of British history which spans the Roman withdrawal to the suffragettes. This uninterrupted syllabus is one of the great strengths of History at the Dragon as it allows the children to gain a truly meaningful understanding of the subject and how it influences the modern world.

Progress and attainment are regularly assessed by thorough marking and feedback. The academic and social benefits History offers our pupils are without compare; more than anything else we seek to instil a love of this wonderful subject.

History is at the heart of a good education. The academic and social benefits it offers the pupils are without compare and we strive constantly to ensure that our department provides an excellent history education. More than anything else we seek to instil a love of this wonderful subject in Dragon pupils.
Annette Hughes, Head of History